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Dr. Jiri (George) Vlcek is a nuclear physicist who became an expert in polymer processing and simulation. Jiri is a pioneer in the field of extrusion simulation and has spearheaded the development the most comprehensive set

Jiri is the President of COMPUPLAST®, a company he co-founded in 1990 with Dr. John Perdikoulias. He is a graduate of Charles University in Prague and has a Ph.D. from the Faculty of Chemical Technology, Prague, Czech Republic. After completing his PhD, Dr. Vlcek worked for the Plastics and Rubber Research Institute (VUGPT) in Zlin from 1976 to 1990.

While at VUGPT, Dr. Vlcek developed several simulations to assist with the design and optimization of various polymer processing equipment. During this time he gained a great deal of hands-on polymer processing experience to help support and improve his theoretical developments.

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